SAMPE is a general organization devoted to the promotion of technical excellence in materials and process engineering, totalling around 15000 engineers, technologists and materials scientists. It has been founded in 1944 by Californian Aerospace engineers with the goal to build a professional network and improve the exchange of technical information. Since those times, SAMPE has spread all over the world and is divided in about 40 chapters.

SAMPE has also achieved an international reputation as registered private body. In Europe, we have activities in more than 25 countries, organized predominantly in national associations like France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain , Russia and sometimes also in international groups like Benelux, UK & Eire, Scandinavia... SAMPE Europe has been formed to become an association of persons of like interests in the field of material and process engineering.

The key aims of this association are to:

  • promote the exchange of scientific, engineering and technical knowledge between members;
  • improve the extent of that knowledge;
  • promote the significance of material and process engineering for the enhancement of quality of goods produced and life in general to the benefit of all;
  • assist students of scientific, engineering and technical universities and colleges in their assessments in industries by organizing specific students conferences.

SAMPE Europe is a non-profit making association and any funds generated are to be used for the purposes of pursuing the objectives as above.

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