Chapters & Clubs


SAMPE Benelux started beginning of the 80’s, just after the creation of SAMPE Europe. SAMPE Benelux now counts about 225 members now, both professionals from industry or academia and students.

The Swiss SAMPE Chapter (SSC) was founded in 1985 by initiative Swiss people with former US SAMPE membership. SSC has about 100 members, originating from industry or academia.

SAMPE France is the largest chapter and counts about 300 members. Mainly professionals from industry but academia and students also.

SAMPE Germany counts about 150 members, both professionals from industry or academia and students.

The SAMPE UK & Ireland Club (SUKIC) became a full chapter in 2001, the first European SAMPE Club to do so. Currently there are around 175 members originating from industry or academia and students.


Clubs are started by people who are enthusiastic about material and process engineering. It’s the first step to becoming an official chapter later. As they are local or regional, SAMPE clubs have the ability to customize their programs to meet and discuss specific local issues.

Requirement: The minimum number of people to form a SAMPE Chapter is 20 active members.

SAMPE Italy Club: Alfonso Mafezzoli
SAMPE Israel Club: Hagit Levy, Nitzan Galpaz
SAMPE Finland Club: Royson Dsouza
SAMPE Iberica Club: (Spain and Portugal): Tamara Blanco Varela
SAMPE Ukraine Club: Georgiy Krivov, Victor Shulepov