Sampe Europe proceedings as from 1985

For proceedings concerning events 1985 – 2010 send a request to As a service, you can order an individual paper. Just give us name, title, and conference. Free for members – non-members we invoice 20,- Euro/paper.

Year Place Title Kind Availability Price
2011 Paris SEICO: New Materials Characteristics to cover New Application Needs CD Rom several €75,00
2011 Leiden SETEC: Advanced Composites, The integrated System CD Rom €75,00
2012 Paris SEICO: Strong Features to support the Lift-off CD Rom €85,00
2012 Munich SEMAT: Symposium on Automation of Advanced Composites and its Technology CD Rom €80,00
2012 Lucerne SETEC: Advanced Composites, Design and Process for Sustainability CD Rom €80,00
2013 Paris SEICO: Advanced Composites on its way to Industralization CD
2013 Wuppertal SETEC: Novel Aspects in Composite Technologies: from Fibre to lightweight Structures CD
2014 Paris SEICO: Low Cost Composite Processing, from Aerospace OOA to Automotive Thermoplastic CD
plenty €90,00
2014 Tampere SETEC: Efficient Composite Solutions to Foster Economic Growth CD
plenty €85,00
2015 Paris SUMMIT 2015 Paris USB plenty €90,00
2015 Amiens Conference 2015 Amiens USB plenty €90,00
2016 Paris SUMMIT 2016 Paris USB plenty €100,00
2016 Liege Conference 2016 Liege USB plenty €110,00
2017 Paris SUMMIT 2017 Paris USB plenty €100,00
2017 Stuttgart Conference 2017 Stuttgart USB plenty €110,00
2018 Paris SUMMIT 2018 Paris USB plenty €100,00
2018 Southampton Conference 2018 Southampton USB plenty €110,00
2019 Paris SUMMIT 2019 Paris USB plenty €100,00
2019 Nantes Conference 2019 Nantes USB plenty €110,00
2020 Amsterdam Conference 2020 Amsterdam USB plenty €110,00
2021 Paris Virtual SUMMIT 2021 Paris USB plenty €100,00
2021 Baden / Zürich Conference 2021 Baden / Hamburg USB plenty €110,00
2022 Paris SUMMIT 2022 Paris USB plenty €100,00
2022 Hamburg Conference 2022 Hamburg USB plenty €100,00

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