5 Main reasons to become a member of SAMPE Europe


Network Opportunities

For many of its dedicated members, the most important aspect of SAMPE is the ability to help make new contacts, forge enduring associations, and promote lasting friendships, as well as significant career advancements.


Meetings, Seminars, and Literature

Meetings, seminars, publications, and technical papers are forums available for members to discover and access the most advanced materials and processes being developed by the scientific community. Local chapters provide organized gatherings, allowing you to meet others in your community.


Membership Discounts for Conferences & Exhibitions

The SAMPE Europe membership gives you a discount on our conferences, seminars and exhibitions organised. SAMPE organised events assure the participation of prominent industrial & scientific speakers, extraordinary exhibits, and informal opportunities for networking.


Free Technical Papers

SAMPE Members receive the Online Technical Papers free of charge. Once a member registers with the SAMPE Website and logs in, he/she can choose as many Technical Papers as they want “Free of charge” and emailed directly to their inbox.


SAMPE Journal Subscriptions

Your complimentary subscription to this informative and acclaimed bi-monthly publication will provide you with a steady stream of technical articles, industry and international technical news, product and new literature announcements, book reviews, technical events calendars, and local SAMPE information.

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Meet our benefits

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More SAMPE Europe Benefits below

Employment Assistance

SAMPE offers strong employment assistance for members through its international network of contacts. If you are seeking employment or are looking for other career opportunities, our membership services adviser is there to help connect you with engineering managers and other decision makers looking to fill positions.

Leadership Growth

Active members are encouraged to become an internationaal officer and serve in SAMPE’s international arena. This can provide you a rare opportunity to influence an entire industry. SAMPE is the only technical society disseminating military and NASA- sponsored information on advanced materials and processes to all industries.

Professional Recognition

Annual awards are presented honoring distinguished contributions in material and process engineering, notable technological breakthroughs, and top technical papers. SAMPE provides the international stage for the recognition of your work through several media, including the SAMPE Journal.

Company Exposure

Introduce and promote your company’s newly developed materials, process improvements, and products at regional and international gatherings.

Special Educational Activities

Advance your education to enhance your career through SAMPE International Educational Activities.

Fast Breaking News

SAMPE provides a vast informational network of invaluable sources to keep you informed of the latest technical and product achievements.

Quality Literature at Reduced Membership Prices

Both SAMPE technical papers and material and process engineering books are offered at significantly reduced prices to members only.

SAMPE Global events

The SAMPE Europe discount opportunity also includes global SAMPE events like SAMPE North American Spring and Fall Conferences & Exhibitions and SAMPE Asia Conferences & Exhibitions

As a SAMPE member, we welcome you to take advantage of offers opportunities and services available only to SAMPE members. There are two types of memberships from which you can choose: professional or student.

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