SAMPE Ibérica

Welcome to the SAMPE Ibérica Club

The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) is an international organization devoted to the promotion of technical excellence in material and process engineering, totaling more than 4000 engineers, technologists and materials scientists. It has been founded in 1944 by Californian aerospace engineers with the goal to build a professional network and improve the exchange of technical information. Since those times SAMPE has spread all over the world and is divided in about 40 chapters. SAMPE has also achieved an international reputation as a registered private body.

In Europe we have activities in more than 25 countries, organized predominantly in national associations like France, Germany, Italy, and Ukraine, sometimes also in international groups like Benelux, Ibérica, or UK & Eire.

The SAMPE Ibérica Club, founded in 2016, has about 25 members, originating about 3/4 from industry and 1/4 from academia.

The main target is to enlarge with both members from Spain and Portugal by promoting SAMPE and its benefits of networking and knowledge transfer by organizing local activities.

Our ambition is to organize Live and On-line Presentations, Network Events, Tutorials, and Plant Visits for both Industry and Academic professionals and students.


Tamara Blanco Varela


Tamara Blanco Varela
Airbus Operations, S.L.
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Event Support

Maria Dolores Vázquez-Navarro
Boeing Research & Technology-Europe
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Xoan Xosé Fernández Sánchez-Romate

Students, Universities & Conferences

Xoan Xosé Fernández Sánchez-Romate
University Rey Juan Carlos
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Past President

Asier Gandarias Mintegi
Danobat S Coop
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Activities 2017 – 2023

Ibérica Speakers At SAMPE Europe Events

SAMPE Europe Summit Paris
2018   –    Ramiro Gonzalez, Carbures Civil Works & Santiago Perez-Castillo, Saertex Spain

SAMPE Europe International Conference & Exhibition

Southampton 2018
Inigo Ortiz de Mendibil Fagor Arrasate Spain
Ruben Buelga Sánchez Airbus Defence & Space Spain
Manu Motilva MTorres Spain
Asier Gandarias Mintegi Danobat (session chair) Spain

Guy Larnac, Ariane Group (Fr), and Arnt Offringa GKN Fokker (NL) gave presentations about the M&P point of view about Composites in Space and Aeronautics, as well as an introduction on SAMPE Europe and SAMPE Ibérica at the Materplat event Madrid 2018.

Nantes 2019
Jose Manuel Menendez Martin Airbus Operations (key-note) Spain
Asier Gandarias Mintegi Danobat (session chair) Spain
Amsterdam 2020
Jose Enrique Roman The Boeing Company (key-note) Spain
Alaitz Ruiz de Luzuriaga Cidetec Spain
Carlos Mangas Airbus Defence and Space Spain
Baden/Zürich 2021
Peio Olaskoaga IDEKO S.COOP Spain
Hamburg 2022
Isaac Loreto Gomez University Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Eduardo Gonzalo Miguel University Carlos III Spain
Madrid 2023
José Sanchez SAMPE Ibérica Spain
Tamara Blanco SAMPE Ibérica Spain
Javier Ponce CDTI Spain
Ricardo Rojas Airbus Spain
Elena del Puerto Airbus Operations SL Spain
Peio Olaskoaga IDEKO Spain
Luis Aliaga Aernnova Spain
Betty Fantina FIDAMC Spain
Maria Mora-Mendias FIDAMC Spain
Josep Costa Girona University Spain
Roberto Guzman University of Salamanca Spain
Antonio Fernandez Univ Politécnica Madrid Spain
Rakel Herrero Fundacion I+D Automocion y Mecatronica (Naitec) Spain
Xoan Xose Fernandez Univ Rey Juan Carlos Madrid Spain
Inés Nieto Airbus Operations S.L Spain
Pablo Vazquez Sanchez Airbus Operations Spain
Alberto Jimenez URJC Madrid Spain
Eduardo J. Martín Paradas Airbus Helicopters España Spain
Pedro Martín Boeing Europe Spain
Alicia Ayuso Airbus Defence & Space Spain
Cristina Elizetxea Inasmet Spain
Almudena Canas Rios Airbus Operations Spain
Alba Pascual IMDEA Spain
Alberto Vicente IMDEA Spain
Lopez-Uriona Barrenechea Bilbao University Spain
Elena Del Puerto Nevado Airbus Operations Spain
Alejandro Marqués Paola AITIIP Centro Tecnológico Spain
Alberto Jiménez Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Noelia Salmeron Perez Airbus Operations Spain
María Dolores Vázquez-Navarro SAMPE Ibérica / Boeing Spain
Jose-Maria Collado Airbus Spain
Eduardo de la Guerra TALGO Spain
Marta Cerdeira Peinado TALGO Spain
Jose Antonio Rodriguez Airbus Spain
Raul Llamas Sandin Airbus Operations Spain
Juan Manuel González-Cantero Airbus Operations Spain
Jorge Lopez Puente Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Spain
Ignacio Collado Ropero Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Antonio del Bosque García Rey Juan Carlos University – Catholic University of Ávila Spain
Daniel Sánchez Rodríguez Universitat de Girona Spain
Xoan Xosé Fernández Sánchez-Romate Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Cristina Elizetxea TECNALIA Spain
Isaac Lorero Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Javier Gómez Sánchez University Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Narcís Seras Arnau University of Girona Spain
Pedro Camanho Porto University Portugal

SAMPE Ibérica Students Seminar 2024

SAMPE Ibérica 2024 Students Seminar programme Friday June 7th:

  • 9:30-9:45 Welcome by SAMPE Ibérica board
  • 9:45-10:30 Industry and university presentations (“New challenges for Composites in industry”)
  • 10:30-12:00 MSc student presentations
    • Daphné Beaujoint: “Sustainable Recycling of Acrylic-Based Composites via Pyrolysis: Strategies for Fibers and Pyrolysis Oil Recovery and Reuse in Glass Fibers/ELIUM Composites” – Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
    • Jesús Jesé Enríquez de Salamanca: “Characterization of Thermal and Mechanical Effects on Lamb Waves in Aeronautics.” Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
    • Andrés Felipe Ramírez Moreno: “On the definition of a modelling strategy for the characterization of the effect of defects on the mechanical performance of composite structures.” Universitat de Girona
  • 12:00-12:15 Coffee break
  • 12:15-13:45 PhD Student presentations
    • Julio Vidal: “Solvolysis as a methodology for the end of life of thermoset composite materials” Universidad de Zaragoza
    • Ignacio Collado Ropero: “A study of gauges based on epoxy matrices (DGEBA based) reinforced with different GNPs (Graphene Nanoplatelets)” Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
    • Víctor Díaz Mena: “Piezoresistive sensors for human health monitoring” Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
  • 13:45-14:45 Lunch
  • 14:45-15:00 Closing of the student seminar and winner announcement

The student seminar will be held at University Rey Juan Carlos (Móstoles campus) on June 7th. During this event students from the participating groups are invited to present their work and projects on advanced composite materials and processes focused on contributing to the big current social trends and challenges like sustainability, energy, digitalization, automation, etc. A jury consisting of recognized experts from the academy and industry, led by José Sanchez Gómez, will select 2 winners (one BSc/MSc, one PhD) who will be given the opportunity to represent SAMPE IBÉRICA and attend the SAMPE Europe 2024 International Student Seminar during the Fall Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

The presentations can be held online for those students from outside the Madrid region. The Winner of the SAMPE EU Students seminar will be given the opportunity to represent SAMPE EU and attend the SAMPE North America conference in 2025. Each presentation will be about 15 minutes long, in English, with 5 minutes of discussion.

SAMPE Europe Students Seminar


  • Introduce students studying in the fields of Materials and Process Science or Engineering to SAMPE;
  • Develop a future generation of SAMPE members;
  • Create the nucleus of a future M&P network in Europe.


  • Offer students the opportunity to become acquainted with the work of their colleagues in other European countries;
  • The SAMPE Students Seminar held in conjunction with the SAMPE Europe International Conference is an excellent opportunity to show the students the SAMPE network;
  • The students program is organized in such a way that a coherent student group is formed during the conference week;
  • Students offer assistance in main SAMPE Europe Conference, and show posters of their work during the Conference.

Students are selected from European countries by the local SAMPE Chapters or Clubs, and increasingly by local student’s seminars.

Students selected by SAMPE Ibérica to represent Spain/Portugal:

  • 2018: Jordi Llobet, AMADE, Universitat de Girona, Spain
  • 2019: Xoan Xosé Fernandez Sanchez-Romate, University Rey Juan Carlos/Madrid, Spain
  • 2019: Rodrigo Tavares, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Portugal
  • 2020: Oriol Vallmajó, University of Girona, Spain
  • 2021: Antonio del Bosque García, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

Professional Networks

Collaborations with other Spanish / Portuguese or international entities (associations) willing to collaborate, promote and work in the materials and processes innovation –> the main objective is the creation of a network of contacts/members and promote the interaction, collaboration, and synergies among them, taking advantage of SAMPE contacts and other Spanish / Portuguese associations:

Participation in MATERPLAT General Assembly, November 2020

MATERPLAT (Plataforma Tecnológica Española de Materiales Avanzados y Nanomateriales) We have initiated the first steps to interact with them. They are responsible for the elaboration of the document “Technological Strategy of Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials”, reflecting the technological challenges, needs, and barriers/obstacles needed on the innovation of materials and processes.

AEMAC (Asociación Española de Materiales Compuestos). Pending to define the collaboration with them.

Very active association in the promotion of composite Materials and Processes. Supported/backed up mainly by the Spanish universities. President: Jacinto Tortosa / Fidamc.