12 October 2023

38th International SAMPE Europe Students Seminar

Master student Martin Giersberg (IKV- Institute for Plastics Processing in Industry and Craft at RWTH Aachen University, Germany) and PhD student Clemens Zimmerling (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany) are the proud winners of the 38th Students Seminar 2023! Both winners presented their winning thesis in the Madrid 23 Conference.

Martin Giersberg, best Master presented his study “Development of a representative volume element for the observation of damage processes in FRPS”.

This demonstration of the representativeness of micro-models of a degraded material enables further knowledge to be gained in the investigation of degradation processes in FRP as well as the derivation of new modeling approaches for mapping the influence of damage in the dimensioning of safety-relevant infrastructure. The presented methodology for determining the existence and the dimensions of a RVE is generally transferable to heterogeneous materials with statistically random microstructures, which exhibit pronounced softening behavior during loading. This methodology can include short, long, or continuous fiber-reinforced plastics with a thermoplastic or thermoset matrix.

PhD winner Clemens Zimmerling presented his study about “Machine learning algorithms for efficient process optimization of variable geometries at the example of fabric forming.”

The present work shows that recent ML techniques can efficiently support process and product optimisation at early stages of development. Similar to an experienced process expert, they can quickly and accurately assess the manufacturability of new components and issue process recommendations. Thereby, they reduce the effort required for process ramp-up and are a key factor to efficient production of small batches or individualised components.

This annual Seminar was held at the SAMPE Europe Conference 2023 in Madrid, Spain. 16 selected students from 10 countries were invited and presented their thesis to an International Experts Jury.

Winners 38th International SAMPE Europe Students Seminar