4 October 2021

36th International Students Seminar

Margot Bonmatin and Felix Tischer are the proud winners of the 36th Students Seminar 2021. This annual Seminar was held at the SAMPE Europe 21 Hybrid Conference 2021 in Baden/Zürich, Switzerland. 14 selected students from 9 countries were invited and presented their thesis to an International Experts Panel.

Margot Bonmatin, Ph.D. student at ENIT, Toulouse University (France) won the 36th SAMPE Students Seminar with her presentation about “Ultrasonic welding of PAEK composites”. This study has brought to light the significant impact of welding load and welding time on the mechanical properties of the weld whereas semi-amplitude has only shown a small influence on Lap Shear Strength (LSS) values.

She won with this presentation the Schliekelmann Award: Best student selected to participate in SAMPE Student Symposium during the CAMX Conference 2022 in Anaheim, California, USA.

Felix Tischer, Master Student from the Institute for Plastics Processing of the RWTH Aachen (Germany) is working on improving productivity and automation. He won with his master thesis research on the “Theoretical and Practical Investigation of Flow Processes in Injection Chambers for the Pultrusion Process with Dimensionless Numbers”. The experimental investigations of this work demonstrate the transferability of the flow field defined by elementary impregnation parameters for specific impregnation parameters.

His prize was the Student Leadership Award: Best MSc student selected to participate in the SAMPE Student Leadership Experience during SAMPE USA Conference 2022 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Both presentations were very well received by the judges allowing them to see off competitors from prestigious universities in Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and USA.

Chairman: Christian Weimer, SAMPE Germany
Vice-Chairman: Charlotte Salaun, SAMPE France
Members: Adrie Kwakernaak, SAMPE Benelux, Philippe Briant, SAMPE France, Matthias Geistbeck, SAMPE Germany, Markus Zogg, SAMPE Switzerland, Carwyn Ward, SAMPE UK & Ireland, Jim Johnson, SAMPE USA

The SAMPE Europe Students Seminar 2021 has been powered by Airbus, The Boeing Company and JEC Group.