SE Summit Paris 2024

Location: Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Hotel
Date: 4 March 2024

Monday 4 March 2024 – the day before the JEC World Paris opens its doors – SAMPE Europe will hold its Executive Summit. The location is the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Hotel, just aside the Eiffel Tower.


Not yet announced.


The Program of this Summit consists of a range of 12 high-level lectures by 14 invited speakers only. Topics are composite related innovations in Automotive & Transport, Space & Aerospace, Advanced Materials, and Process Engineering, as well as Challenging Applications in other markets like Architecture, Construction, Sports, Energy, Marine & more.

High-ranked speakers are from China, Japan, USA, and Europe. Attendees are managers of CEO and CTO level in leading companies, engineers, scientists, and professionals from throughout the advanced materials and processes industry and universities.

The conference day starts at 9 AM and ends with a networking dinner in the Pullman with outside a magnificent view on the Eiffel Tower. It is an outstanding occasion for networking with interesting colleagues and meeting new contacts.

It’s an outstanding occasion for networking and meeting new contacts. Both members and non-members of SAMPE, as well as Master and Ph.D. students are invited to participate.

A long-term partnership between SAMPE Europe and JEC Group has been established in order to bring the highest benefit of composite materials to our members.

As part of this, JEC Group offers all Summit delegates free admission to JEC World 2024 Paris.

For registration, latest news, and the updated program please visit the website of SAMPE Europe.

SAMPE Europe Summit Paris 2024 in the Pullman Tour Eiffel Hotel: A must for everyone visiting the JEC World 2024!


Early bird tickets

  • Professional Members – € 650,00
  • Professional Non-members – One-year Free Trial Membership included – € 750,00
  • Master and PhD Student Members – € 325,00
  • Master and PhD Students Non-members – One-year Free Trial Membership included – € 375,00

Regular tickets

  • Professional Members – € 700,00
  • Professional Non-members – One-year Free Trial Membership included – € 800,00
  • Master and PhD Student Members – € 350,00
  • Master and PhD Students Non-members – One-year Free Trial Membership included – € 400,00

Options marked with ‘FREE Trial Membership’ include free SAMPE Membership until 1st of April 2025.


Become an Exhibitor!

A SAMPE Europe Conference will be an excellent showcase for suppliers of Composite Materials and Processing.


More information available soon

SE Summit Paris 2024