SE Conference 21 Baden / Zürich - LIVE & VIRTUAL

SE Conference 21 Baden / Zürich - LIVE & VIRTUAL Location: TRAFO Conference Center - Baden, Switzerland
Date: 29th - 30th September 2021

The SAMPE Europe 21 Conference will be held in Baden / Zürich, Switzerland from 29 - 30 September 2021. The event will be organized in a joint co-operation between SAMPE Switzerland and SAMPE Europe. The event will be both LIVE & VIRTUAL.

A Pre-Conference Tutorial Program and the 36th SAMPE Students Seminar are held in conjunction with this SAMPE Europe International Conference. At SAMPE Europe Conferences over 100 authors are on stage. They present high-quality Technical Papers that focus on Challenging Applications in Advanced Composites Materials and their Processes. In the accompanying exhibition over 30 sponsoring companies will present their most recent innovations. Delegates from over 25 countries are expected.
The conference programme also will include:
  • 36th SAMPE Europe Student Seminar
  • Tutorials & Showcases
  • Plant Excursions
  • Exhibition of sponsors
  • Table Tops 

Conference Registration starts by 15th of June 2021.

Theme: "Innovating towards Perfection”

A LIVE & VIRTUAL International SAMPE Event!

General Organization Team:
Hans - Jürg Gysin-Petermann, President SAMPE Switzerland
Prof. Véronique Michaud, Head Scientific Cie. SAMPE Switzerland
Rudolf de Ruijter, Conference Manager SAMPE Europe
Sabine Vogt, General Assistance SAMPE Switzerland
Riana Jongema, General Assistance SAMPE Europe

Scientific Cie.- Chair: 
Prof. Véronique Michaud - EPFL - Switzerland 

Guy Larnac – Ariane Group - France    

Prof. Markus Grob -FHWCH - Switzerland
Prof. Urs Meier - EMPA - Switzerland
Gregor Peickert - ZHAW - Switzerland
Markus Zogg - ETHZ - Switzerland
Prof. Christian Brauner - FHWCH - Switzerland
Prof. Gion Barandun - FHWCH - Switzerland
Steve Merillat - Composites United - Switzerland

Scientific Support Team:
Prof. Jyrki Vuorinen – Tampere University - Finland
Henrik Schmutzler – Lufthansa Technik  - Germany 
Prof. Conchúr Ó Brádaigh – University of Edinburgh - UK
Guy Larnac – Ariane Group - France
Prof. Aart van Vuure – KU Leuven - Belgium
Arnt Offringa – GKN Fokker  - Netherlands


TRAFO Conference Center - Baden, Switzerland

Main Sponsors Conference 21 Baden/Zürich

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Table Tops Baden/Zürich

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