Sampe Conference 2019 Nantes

Sampe Conference 2019 Nantes Location: LA CITÉ DES CONGRES DE NANTES
Date: 17th - 19th September 2019

Theme: Challenging Applications in Composites
Organization: SAMPE France and SAMPE Europe 


Preconference Tutorial Nantes 2019

“End-To-End Repair” 
A three hours tutorial given by Airbus

“With the A350 entry into service and after several years of R&D in engineering, tooling, material and process, Airbus has developed new ways of thinking about composite repairs to answer customers’ needs.

The tutorial will go over concrete examples of Out-Of-Autoclave Bonded repair initiatives recently demonstrated such as:
- Fuselage composite spare panel, where tooling and manufacturing agility are put to test to meet fast shop requirements
- A350 full scale structural bonded repair embodiment, including end-to-end working party steps.”

4 Airbus Experts on stage
From Special Part to Aircraft embodiment, from Design to Certification, composite experts will give you an overview of the current Repair Toolbox:

Introduction to Airbus composites repair initiatives
Speaker: Jacinto RODRIGUEZ-SERRANO - Airbus APTL Repair

Fuselage spare panel manufacturing
Speaker: Thomas CHEREAU - Airbus Technocentre Repair Services

Structural bonded repair embodiment
Speaker: Guillaume FERRER - Airbus Embodiment Industrialisation Manager

Certification and requirements from the Aviation Authorities
Speaker: Chantal FUALDES - Airbus Composite Airframe Executive Expert

Tutorial chair is Thomas CHEREAU - H/O Airbus Technocentre Repair Services Nantes

NOTE: Attending this Tutorial is NOT included in your conference ticket.
You can book it, at the additional fee indicated, through the Nantes Registration form.




Tuesday 17 September
14.00 Tutorial 'End-To-End Repair' by Airbusat additional fee -
17.00 Welcome Cocktail & Pre-Registration


Wednesday 18 September
8.00 Registration
9.00 AUDITORIUM - Plenary Opening

Philippe Briant
Welcome by Philippe Briant
Chairman of SAMPE France
Christian Keun
Opening by Christian Keun
President of SAMPE Europe
Gregg Balko
Presentation of the SAMPE 2019 Fellowship to Dr. Urs Otto Meier, EMPA, Switzerland
Gregg Balko, CEO and Executive Director SAMPE

2 Key-note Speakers

François Paynot
François Paynot
Plant Manager
Airbus Nantes
Jose Manuel Menendez Martin
Jose Manuel Menendez Martin
Expert in Industrialisation of Composites
Airbus Operations S.L.

10.00 Coffee break
10.30 4 Parallel Sessions
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Winners 34thStudents Seminar
14.30 6 Composite related Plant visits: 
 - AIRBUS Site de Nantes
 - AIRBUS Technocentre, CETIM & IRT Jules Verne - Nantes
 - AIRBUS Site de St Nazaire
 - MULTIPLAST - Vannes
 - BENETEAU - La Roche sur Yon
 - GEBE2 - St Hilaire du Loulay & YASKAWA - Le Bignon
See also brief description below
20.00 Cocktail & Conference Dinner

Thursday 19 September
8.00 Registration
9.00 4 Parallel Sessions
10.40 Coffee break
12.00 Lunch
13.30 4 Parallel Sessions
14.50 Farewell drink
16.00 Closure


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- Non Member Student Badge € 450

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Authors Special Rate: 

- Professional Authors / Co-Authors Badge € 650
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Pre Conference Tutorial

- Pre Conference Tutorial Airbus € 75
All prices are incl. 21% VAT

Plant Visits

- AIRBUS Site de Nantes 
- AIRBUS Site de St Nazaire 
- AIRBUS Technocentre, CETIM & IRT Jules Verne - Nantes
- BENETEAU - La Roche sur Yon
- GEBE2 - St Hilaire du Loulay & YASKAWA - Le Bignon

AIRBUS Site de Nantes 

Excursion Airbus NANTES plant

Airbus is the global leading commercial aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and efficient family of airliners, ranging in capacity from 100 to more than 600 seats.

The Nantes site specializes in the manufacture of the center wing boxes for near all Airbus aircraft (excepted the A220). Providing the junction between the wings and the fuselage, the center wing box can bear, in-flight, loads of around 1,500 tons. This highly technical structure can also double up as a fuel tank.

Also specialized in the manufacture of air inlets for A320, A330 and A350 XWB, Nantes has acquired advanced expertise in the use of composite. The air inlet, or engine nose cowl, is a major component of the aircraft. Located upstream from the engine, it attenuates noise and provides a regular flow of air to the engine. Noise is “captured” in the engine nacelle.

Composite materials are being used more and more in the aeronautic sector, gradually replacing aluminum alloys when there is a strong interest. In most cases, prepreg carbon fiber is used.

As far as the products are manufactured, they are delivered to Saint Nazaire or Hambourg plants to be integrated in the fuselage.

Excursion Airbus SAINT NAZAIRE plant

Airbus is the global leading commercial aircraft manufacturer with the most modern and efficient family of airliners, ranging in capacity from 100 to more than 600 seats.
Composite materials are being used more and more in the aeronautic sector, gradually replacing aluminum alloys when there is a strong interest. In most cases, prepreg carbon fiber is used.

The Nantes site specializes in the manufacture of air inlets and the center wing boxes like for Airbus A350 XWB. Huge segments are transported by boat over the Loire river to Saint Nazaire for assembly.

Saint Nazaire specializes in assembly, equipping and testing of nose fuselage for A320, A330 and A350 XWB aircraft and central fuselage for long range. The site is essential as it then delivers the aircraft sections to all the final assembly lines by Beluga air transport, or by maritime or inland waterway.

 Airbus Technocentre Nantes excursion

The Airbus Technocentre, created on 5 January 2015, is a technological hub providing innovative services related to advanced manufacturing technologies: composite, metallic and assembly.
Its expertise, gained from the extensive experience acquired by Airbus and backed by its highly qualified staff, ensures it is a future stakeholder in the field of advanced manufacturing technologies.

Installed amid workshops covering an area of 5,500 m², it provides the following services:
- Provision of goods & services
- Research & Technology
- Training
- Repairs

In the excursion they show all current projects they are working on.
- Manufacturing of composite items (samples, prototypes, demonstrators, small serial parts)
- Use of technological resources (fiber placement machine, automatic tape laying, autoclaves, etc.)
- Dedicated area to promote and share innovation

For the following technologies:
- Thermoset composite
- Thermoplastic composite
- Dry fabric preforms
- Resin injection and infusion
- Assembly of simple and complex samples and components
- Structural composite repairs

Multiplast Excursion Vannes

Since 1981, Multiplast has been designing and manufacturing multihulls and monohulls in high tech composite materials with unparalleled performance (Atlantic records, the Jules Verne Trophy, Route de Rhum, the Volvo Ocean Race...)

Multiplast has rapidly forged a reputation, becoming the world leader in performance boat construction as well as in the use of high performance composite materials, allowing it to work with world renowned naval architects.

Taking direction in 2009, Dominique Dubois began diversification, applying Multiplast’s know-how to other industries, developing the fabrication of parts for renowned companies including Airbus, Thales and Zodiac Aerospace.

End of 2013, Multiplast teamed up with the swiss company Décision SA to found Carboman SA, (Solar Impulse, Alinghi) which will be joined the following years by Plastinov and Plasteol, and SMM continuing its strategy of development and diversification in five areas of activity : Nautical, Industry & Defense, Aeronautics & Spatial, Civil Engineering, Renewable Energies.

During the visit, the following projects will be visible:
- Main hull of the new Macif trimaran (32m),
- Floats of the new Banque Populaire Trimaran (32 m),
- 8 new foiler catamarans TF35 (10.6 m) for the Swiss market,
- Foils for the Figaro 3 project,
- Radomes
- Engine test inlet · ………and more

Beneteau excursion 

Boating global market player & European leader for leisure homes

Groupe Beneteau has developed unique skillsets and technical know-how. With its international industrial capabilities and global sales network, the Groupe employs 7,400 people.



GEBE2 Excursion- St Hilaire du Loulay

GEBE2, subsidiary of EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES group, offers state of the art solutions for composite processing automation. We are designing and manufacturing turnkey robotics solutions for the composite market and more precisely for composites finishing and parts manufacturing.

Our 3 main applications are :
- Robotized Machining cells for trimming and cutting composite materials (carbon, honeycomb…)
- Robotized Sanding cells as a pre-step before coating. This process includes an automatic disc changer to increase the robot’s autonomy.
- Robotized Acoustic-Drilling cells for acoustics optimization of aircraft engines including automatic drill bit changeover and robotized sanding finition. Following an increasing demand, our company recently settled a partnership to develop our sanding process for collaborative robots. 

The GEBE2 team works in the field alongside manufacturers both to gain insight into how their business works and to analyze their processes. This allows our engineers and technicians to develop solutions that are tailored to fit each individual context.
We are proud to be recognized (among many others) by HUTCHINSON, FAURECIA, LISI AEROSPACE, STELIA AEROSPACE, SAFRAN, LATECOERE, DAHER, etc.

What you will see : While visiting the GEBE2 brand new facility, you will see real robotized cells in manufacturing stage. Live demonstration of robotized acoustic drilling will be performed as well as robotic sanding using a collaborative robot.

Yaskawa Excursion -Le Bignon

The Future is being built today with YASKAWA France

Based in Le Bignon in its new head office a few kilometers south of Nantes, the French subsidiary of YASKAWA was founded in 1995 with the acquisition of ERS - Engineering Robotic Soudage - at that time specialized only in welding robots integration, which allows YASKAWA France today to possess a real expertise in the matter.

The french expertise of YASKAWA

YASKAWA France exerts in 2 activities which are the Robotics and the "Drives, Motion & Control" technology. The subsidiary offers a complete range of products and services for the automation of many sectors of activity, in France and Maghreb.

In YASKAWA France these two fields of activity are organized into 4 divisions:

- Drives, Motion & Control Division : selling products and solutions for the automation of machines and systems.
- Robotics Division : selling bare/nude robots to our integrator partners.
- Welding Division : Complete and turnkey robotic welding systems design.
- Service division : training of our customers and partners, after-sales service of maintenance, distribution of spare parts.

What you will see: After arrival you get a short presentation of the company followed by a factory tour During the tour, Yaskawa will show you applications of their range of products: Industrial robots, Collaborative robots, Drive, Motion, Control, Industry 4.0 applications (YASKAWA Cockpit) … etc. The tour ends in the showroom for answering questions and a drink.

Only in the showroom taking pictures is authorized.







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