9 June 2021

Looking back to our virtual Sampe Europe Summit 21

Over 230 registered delegates from 24 countries

Over 230 registered delegates from 24 countries attended our Virtual Summit 21, which we are very proud of. In the opening session SAMPE Europe President Rinze Benedictus welcomed all watchers worldwide. SE’s Summit Chair Arnt Offringa started introducing the first speaker Prof Kiyoshi Uzawa from Kanazawa Institute Japan.

Thanks to the effort of our SUMMIT Cie. and others we were able to present a strong speakers panel at our SUMMIT 21. The program consisted of 4 sessions with 3 renowned speakers related to Materials & Applications, Advanced Manufacturing & Processes, Space & Aerospace I, and Space & Aerospace II. The online Q&A / panel discussion with all speakers and chairs gave this Summit a nice ending.

The REPLAYS are already uploaded for watching. Moreover, the ISBN registered PROCEEDINGS – with the released PPT’s for download – are visible through the Virtual Platform. Delegates may LOG IN with the Personal Conference Code as earlier received and find the material on our Virtual Summit 21 Platform. Others can order the Proceedings USB with all PPT presentations released for publication through the Library.

A special thanks to our SAMPE Europe Partners and Main Sponsor JEC World in particular – for their loyalty and sponsoring.

The next edition – hopefully – is LIVE SAMPE Europe Summit 22 on March 7, 2022, in Paris. The day before JEC World 2022 will start.

Also on behalf of our Summit Chairs Rinze Benedictus SAMPE Europe President and Arnt Offringa, SAMPE Europe Summit Organization Cie. Chair:

We thank you for being with us!

NB Downloading of Replays is NOT possible.