SAMPE Europe member may require assistance to evaluate a given question or problem, as to be descripted by the inquirer in max 50 lines, based upon Network contacts to SAMPE Europe colleagues, specialist in a given matter or disciplin.

The inquirer shall define as clear and understandable as possible his matter for implementation in the assistance process.

SAMPE Europe will aim to provide the assistance within a maximum time-frame of 4 weeks after reception of the assistance request and will keep the inquirer informed of the progress from the process.

The provided assistance answer is to be considered as an unbinding proposal to solve the question or problem. SAMPE Europe can not be made liable for the content

Contact Details

SAMPE Europe Conference Manager
c/o Mr. Rudolf de Ruijter
Aaltjelaan 2
NL- 8455 JB Katlijk/Heerenveen
KvK/COC nr. 01065003
BTW/VAT nr. NL001.208.662.B83
Phone: +31 6 51381263

SAMPE Europe Administration
Secretariat c/o Mrs. Riana Jongema
Kon. Julianaweg 53
NL-8453 WD Oranjewoud, Netherlands
Tel. +31 622976203