Year Place Title Kind Availability Price
1985 Scheveningen Progress in Advanced Materials and Processes Book non
1986 Munchen High Tech the Way into the Nineties Book non
1987 La Baule Looking ahead for Materials and Pocesses Book non
1988 Milano New Generation Materials and Processes Book plenty
1989 Birmingham Materials and Processing, Move into the 90's Book a few
1990 Basel Plastic - Metals - Ceramics Book plenty
1991 Maastricht Advanced Materials, Cost Effectiveness, Quality Control, Health and Environmental Book plenty
1992 Hamburg Advanced Materials and Structures from Research to Application Book plenty
1993 Birmingham Broadening Horizons with Advanced Materials and Processes Book plenty
1994 Toulouse 50 Years of Advanced Materials or "Back to the Future" Book good
1995 Salzburg High Tech in Salzburg, Creativity in Advanced Materials and Process engineering Book plenty
1996 Basel Success of Materials by Combination Book plenty
1997 Paris Technology and Material Needs for the Year 2000 Book plenty
1997 Moscow SAMPE Russia: Composite Materials Technologies and Automation of Products Manufacuturing Book plenty
1998 Paris Progress through Innovation and Cost Effectiveness Book plenty
1999 Paris Advanced Materials and Processes, Affordability for the New Age Book plenty
2000 Paris Innovative Process and Material Solution for creative Design Effectiveness Book a few
2001 Paris Make the Difference with Innovative Materials and Processes Book non
2002 Paris Go for the Best through Advanced Materials and Processes Book plenty
2003 Paris Advanced Compsites; The Balance between Performance and Cost Book plenty
2004 Paris Material and Process Technology, The Driver for tomorrow's improved Performance Book a few
2005 Paris SEICO: Nanotechnology assists Leadership and Success of the Composites Technology CD Rom several €45,00
2005 Moscow SAMPE Russia: Theory and Practice of Technologies of Manufacturing Products of Composite Materials Book a few
2006 Paris SEICO: The latest Advancements of applied Composite Technology CD Rom several €50,00
2006 Toulouse SETEC: State of the Art Materials and Technologies for next Generation Aircrafts CD Rom several €50,00
2007 Paris SEICO: The use of Composite in the 21st. Century to save Energy and Weight CD Rom several €55,00
2007 Moscow Theory & Practice of Technologies of Manufacturing Composite Materials and new Metal Alloys Products Book a few
2007 Madrid SETEC: New Solutions for new Requirement CD Rom several €55,00
2008 Paris SEICO: Composites Forever CD Rom several €60,00
2008 Augsburg SETEC: CFRP: the Cost Down Solution for Top Performance CD Rom several €60,00
2009 Paris SEICO: Composites - Innovative Materials for smarter solutions CD Rom several €65,00
2009 Bristol SETEC: High Performance Composites for a Changing World CD Rom several €65,00
2010 Paris SEICO: Improvement of Materials and Application Characteristics CD Rom several €70,00
2010 Munich SEMAT: Automation in Composite Technology CD Rom several €70,00
2010 Brindisi SETEC: Advanced Composites, the Driver for high Performance Return CD Rom several €70,00
2011 Paris SEICO: New Materials Characteristics to cover New Application Needs CD Rom several €75,00
2011 Leiden SETEC: Advanced Composites, The integrated System CD Rom   €75,00
2012 Paris SEICO: Strong Features to support the Lift-off CD Rom   €85,00
2012 Munich SEMAT: Symposium on Automation of Advanced Composites and its Technology CD Rom   €80,00
2012 Lucerne SETEC: Advanced Composites, Design and Process for Sustainability CD Rom   €80,00
2013 Paris SEICO: Advanced Composites on its way to Industralization CD
2013    Wuppertal SETEC: Novel Aspects in Composite Technologies: from Fibre to lightweight Structures CD
2014 Paris SEICO: Low Cost Composite Processing, from Aerospace OOA to Automotive Thermoplastic CD
plenty €90,00
2014 Tampere SETEC: Efficient Composite Solutions to Foster Economic Growth CD
plenty €85,00
2015 Paris SUMMIT 2015 Paris USB plenty €90,00
2015 Amiens Conference 2015 Amiens USB plenty €90,00


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