Sampe Amsterdam 20 turns into Virtual

Published on: Sunday 20 September 2020

Dear SAMPE members, sponsors, delegates and others,

What we feared happened the past days. Amsterdam turned to red for many countries. Given that many of you are only allowed to travel to zones without quarantine restrictions, this implies that there would be very few live attendees. As the health of our SAMPE members, authors, sponsors, and relatives is our first priority we took the decision to TURN AMSTERDAM into VIRTUAL.

You can imagine this brings some changes and a new challenge for the organizing team. The first step is that all Live tickets have been turned into Virtual. The Virtual Program will have the same timeline and sessions as planned. See attached. Also, the Tutorials intend to be Virtual.

Our focus is now to create a most attractive Virtual Platform for all of you. As many speakers already delivered us a prerecorded video we are in full trust to succeed in this.

We keep you posted in the next days.

Hope for your understanding

Many thanks in advance.

Rudolf de Ruijter, conference manager
Tel: +31 6 51381263



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