Ladies Team wins Bridge Contest SAMPE France 2019

Published on: Monday 2 December 2019

The Ladies Team of IUT St. Nazaire was the great winner of the 11th SAMPE France Bridge Contest 2019. Conductor Pierre Magnin handed over the impressive trophy to the proud team. It was for the first time that an “all ladies team“ was participating and won!

Ladies team wins bridge contest Sampe France 2019

The winning team from left to right: Aurore LERAY, Rachel LOIRAT, Inès ADDI and Elysa LEGOFF.

The Overall Winner

The Overall Winner is the team that designs and produces a scale model of the bridge with the best performance in a destruction test of all the respective scale models.

The presentation, prize ceremony and the final destruction tests took place on stage during the SAMPE France 2019 Technical Days held on 28 and 29 November in Nantes with 350 participants from the top innovative French companies.

The bridge was made from carbon fibers and epoxy resin supplied by SAMPE France. A very simple architecture: compression bars and yarns under tension. The bat wings and the deck of the bridge complete the structure.

The ladies are undergraduate students involved in Physics Measurements training. They really did well in terms of accuracy for all the practical duties in this project. They will never forget it!

Bridge contest sampe france Bridge Sampe France 2019

The winning bridge - presented and tested on stage – had a weight of only 333 grs. and could stand 122 N/grs before it collapsed. This represents more than 4 tons.

Special Jury Prize

The Special Jury Prize was awarded to IUT Le Havre. The Jury chooses the winning team of this trophy taking into account 3 criteria concerning design, production and concept.

Bridge Contest 2019 Sampe Europe Bridge Contest Sampe France 2019 presentation

This year 9 teams of 7 universities battled for the Overall winner or the Jury prize.

Sampe France bridge contest 2019

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