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Published on: Tuesday 5 June 2018


Tuesday 11 September 2018
LOCATION: Hilton Ageas Bowl Hotel – Southampton

10.00 – 13.00 One 3 Hours Tutorial

" Thermoplastic Composites in Aerospace: Materials, Technologies and Applications.”

by: Arnt R. Offringa M.sc. , Head of Aerostructures R&T, GKN Fokker Technologies, Netherlands

Brief description:

This tutorial focusses on thermoplastic materials, processes and applications for the aerospace market.
After an introduction on trends and the need for low weight structures, an overview of thermoplastic polymer types and different forms of thermoplastic composites is given. The reasoning behind thermoplastics is then explained, followed by a number of processing techniques.
In the second part of the tutorial, successful aerospace applications are presented, followed by current developments and an outlook towards the future.
The tutorial concludes with a note on thermoplastics in automotive.

13.00 -14.00 Lunch

14.00 -17.00 Two parallel 3 Hour Tutorials

B1.“ Design and manufacture of large composite structures.”

by Prof. John Summerscales and Dr. Richard Cullen, School of Engineering, University of Plymouth, UK

Brief description:

Fifty years after the development of continuous carbon fibres, composite have become the accepted material for many applications across a variety of sectors. There is now increasing interest in composite structures which may be larger than the premises of many small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Notable examples include Princess Yachts 40M hull and the LM 88.4P wind turbine blades. This tutorial will review the technologies which have been considered for such large structures, then focus on the practicalities of the resin infusion under flexible tooling (RIFT, also variously known as RFI, SCRIMPTM, VARTM or semipreg) processes for the manufacture of large composite monolithic and sandwich structures.  

B2. “Tooling Technologies for Composites Manufacturing: Additive, Metal, Composites, Rubber, Shape Memory, Molds and More.”

by Dr. Scott W. Beckwith, BTG Composites Inc., & SAMPE Global Technical Director, USA

Brief description:

Tooling is the basis for forming almost all composite structures and in a sense, is a “market for processing composites” in itself. The intent of this tutorial is to provide interested attendees with a detailed overview of tooling technologies currently available using various materials: metals, composites, rubber & elastomers, shape memory materials, foams, ceramics, additive materials, hybrids, and many more options. Limitations, operational temperature boundaries, durability issues, tooling “guidelines”, material properties, tooling support structures, and other issues pertinent to both Prototype and Production will be covered.
The important of fibre-resin material selection for composite tools and concerns over “spring-in” and “spring-out” aspects will be covered. Since significant applications involve “moulding” processes, mould tooling often is important to infusion processes such as RTM, VARTM, VIP, RFI, SQRTM, and numerous HP-RTM (type) processing today. Numerous end-use applications of structures will be provided along with the presentation materials.

Participation Costs 75 € / Tutorial.

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