SUTEC 2018 Sampe Ukraine Club 8th Technical Conference

Published on: Tuesday 20 November 2018

SUTEC-2018 - The 8th Technical Conference of SAMPE Ukraine Club - on November 15th in Kiev- was organized in collaboration with the Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology (UkrRIAT).

16 papers on different topics were presented. Among them:

  • New class of composite materials based on high entropy alloys;
  • Perspective additive technologies in aerospace industry;
  • Features of composite metal / metal nitride vacuum-arc coatings;
  • Technological scheme of aviation titanium alloy powders obtaining for 3D printing in Ukraine;
  • Imitating and evaluating metal crack life of austenite Cr-Ni seams;
  • Methodology aspects of information support for making of forecasting decisions on operational strength of aircraft airframe.

Participants of SUTEC-2018 represented:

  • State-owned Research Institute of Aviation,
  • National Technical University of Zaporozhe,
  • Institute for Problems of Materials and Paton Welding
  • Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
  • Yuzhnoye Design Bureau of Dnepr, MOTOR SICH, IVCHENKO-PROGRESS
  • Titanium Institute of Zaporozhe
  • UkrRIAT.

All papers of SUTEC-2018 will be published in this and next year issues of the Technological Systems Journal being published by UkrRIAT

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