SAMPE Japan and China visiting Europe

Published on: Wednesday 12 April 2017

Both SAMPE Japan and China groups attended our SAMPE 2017 SUMMIT in Paris.

SAMPE JAPAN came over with a group of 15 professionals both from industry and universities.
They combined the SUMMIT with the JEC World and liked to spend the day after for an excursion on their way back.
Both SONACA and ASCO were willing to host them with an outstanding program showing their plants in Belgium. After visiting and some shopping in Brussels they returned home.

SAMPE China came with 12 persons for a similar program. They visited Fokker - Hoogeveen in the Netherlands and flew back from Amsterdam.

For Sampe Europe its an honor to support the exchange of knowledge and friendship in this way.

The SAMPE Japan group visiting SONACA with tour leader Gen Ishikawa -4th from right- and SONACA’s Kurt Withouck 2nd left.

Sampe Japan group visiting SONACA

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