Call for papers - Southampton Conference 2018

SAMPE Europe seeks high quality technical papers that focus on advanced composite engineering of Large Structures encompassing advanced composites materials, their processes, research, development, and applications for the SAMPE Europe 2018 Conference in Southampton, UK from 11 – 13 September, 2018

To take advantage of this opportunity, submit a 100-200 word abstract by (ultimate deadline) 1st of May, 2018. For uploading your abstract, please select the browse button to select your abstract papers. We accept files in Microsoft Word™ (DOCX) and Portable Document Format (PDF).

Upon acceptance of your abstract, a Technical Paper is due by May 01, 2018.
* On request we can extend the deadline for submitting your abstract.

Note: Acceptance of your abstract is not a guarantee of paper publication or presentation.

Applications & Topics


  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Marine and Renewable Energy
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Infrastructure 
  • Automotive & Transport
  • Building & Architecture


  • Manufacturing Approaches for Large Composite Structures
  • Thermoset and Thermoplastic Matrices
  • Hybrid Structures (Composites/ Metals/Ceramics)
  • Design and Testing of Large Structures
  • Big Area Additive Manufacturing
  • Modeling of Manufacturing Processes
  • Joining of Composites to Composites/Metals
  • Crashworthiness and Fire Resistance
  • Large Composite Tooling Technologies
  • Automation of Composites Manufacturing
  • Green Composites
  • 3D Textile Reinforcements
  • Repair, Recycling and Sustainability